Final Exam Expectations

Students have written in many different formats throughout the year, and they are as follows: an annotated bibliography, full sentence outline, research writing, storytelling, persuasive, narrative, argumentative, expository, definition, journaling, and closed the year with the Senior Memoir Project. Students will reflect upon the aforementioned. In an effort to be prepared for the 2nd Semester’s Final Exam, students should bring writing samples.

  • If students come empty handed, there will be NO supplements provided.
  • Students should have writing samples (3-5) in a folder as instructed.
  • Students may need to pull specific information from said writing samples.
    • PD 1 = May 15th @ 9:30am – 11:31am
    • PD 2 = May 16th 9:30am – 11:31am

Re: Senior Memoir Materials

Students will need to purchase materials for their Senior Memoir Project by May 6th. Materials include but are not limited to the following: scrapbook/3 ring binder and anything you’d like to decorate your memoir with (decorative stickers).

To be clear, the final memoir should be presented in a professional form – scrapbook form or a three-ring binder with sheet protectors for the pages and materials inside of it are required! I suggest going to Michaels, Walmart, Target, or using Amazon Prime to purchase materials.

Presentation Dates: May 9th & May 10th

~ Items need to be purchased by May 6th

~ During the week of May 6th to May 10th, students will be printing and putting together their memoirs. Please come prepared.

~ If students are having issues with purchasing materials, please see me and I will help you figure it out.

Helpful links, below.

  • Scrapbook supplies via Amazon
  • Scrapbooks via Amazon
  • 3 Ring Binders via Walmart
    • Students may make purchases anywhere… These are just helpful links!

Re: Senior Memoir Project Expectations

Task Summary: This is the last 9 weeks of your senior year of high school, and it’s time to reflect upon all the memories as you transition into the next phase of your life… Students will be writing a book called a Senior Memoir. It will consist of student ’s memories and thoughts from one’s whole life. It will be due in May, but students will have minor checkpoints (6+/-). That being said, students will submit this when it’s complete for a major on a TBD date (May 8th). DO NOT HAND EVERYTHING IN on  STAPLED sheets of paper (ask for clarification – you may receive an F at best at if you choose to do this).  

Re: Essay Assignment Due 3/07

Summary of Task: Students have spent the last several weeks working on different modes of writing. It is now time to put that practice into mastery level writing. Students will have an extended essay assignment at the end of the Exploratory Writing Unit. Student’s extended writing assignment will focus on the following modes of writing: argumentative, definition,  narrative, or persuasive. Students will have to elaborate on one of the TBD prompts that they have worked on during the practice prompts. Do not simply re-submit what you have already written because I will check as will Turnitin. 

Re: Create Your Own Ted Talk

According to the Official TED Guide, a Ted Talks is when, “You have something meaningful to say, and your goal is to re-create your core idea inside your audience’s minds.” Students have watched various Ted Talks throughout the year. Some were very engaging and others left us with many questions as to why this was a Ted Talk. It’s now time to make your own Ted Talk. Below, are specific details as well as a step by step process about how to make an impactful Ted Talk. This will also serve as a precursor to our  Senior Memoir Project that will take place over the last 9 to 10 weeks of school.

Re: Exploratory Writing Unit

This unit will focus on different modes of writing. The unit will be broken up into four sections: Argumentative, Definition, Narrative, and Persuasive. Students will have at least 6-10 writing prompts that will guide their writing during this unit. The goal is simple, improve your writing through various scenarios that will require students to use their critical thinking skills. This unit will be about style as well as learning how to craft your message so that it is well received by a targeted audience.  

  • Students will have an extended essay assignment at the end of the unit. Specific guidelines will be given at the time of extended assignment that will count for a major.

Intelligence For Your Life (3,2,1 Podcast)

Re: Passion Project

Students are often pressed with the question, what are you passionate about. The reply may come quickly to some, but for others, there is a struggle to truly know what one is passionate about. For this enrichment project, students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently through an activity that will be called a Passion Project. A Passion Project can consist of an actual project, or it can consist of what a student would like to learn more about.

  • Students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently
  • This is student-driven with minor/major checkpoints
  • Open Google Doc for Instructions & Expectations
  • OPEN Adv Comp Blog Tracker + Input Blog URL
  • Mandatory Post per week for a minor completion grade (tbd)
  • Final Project will count for a major or final grade w/ a presentation (TBD)

Short Story Publishing

Students will need an active link via Short Story Tracker (students will be prompted)

Task Summary:  The purpose being publishing your short story is simple; students need a real, authentic, audience to get realistic feedback outside of their teacher’s comments/opinions. An authentic audience should also incentivize students to revise and edit because their work will be on display for others. Students will have three options to publish. That being said, if students find a different avenue (writing community) to publish, please speak to the teacher about it on an individual basis. Students may need to use their phones or a hotspot to access the online writing communities…